The Ukiah Oregon Series

Abandoned as a child, Ukiah Oregon was found running with a wolf pack. Now considered one of the greatest trackers in the country, this private investigator puts his nose to the ground to track down missing fugitives. When he crosses paths with a criminal gang called the Pack, Ukiah discovers just how much he has in common with the Pack.

The Ukiah Oregon series is a blend of Science Fiction, Mystery and Suspense. It will appeal to fans of X-Files or Fringe. The Compton Crook award winning series consists of four books:

Alien Taste

Ukiah Oregon and his senior partner, Max Bennett, are summoned by the police to the home of four college students. Three of the coeds have been hacked to pieces and the fourth is missing, presumed kidnapped into the nearby Schenley Park. Wired for sight, sound and global position, Ukiah starts the desperate search for the missing woman. Deep in the dark rainy woods, he finds her – insane, armed and deadly. His fight for his life marks his entry into a secret war between aliens.

Tainted Trail

Ukiah Oregon and his senior partner, Max Bennett, are flying to Oregon to find Homicide Detective Kraynak’s missing niece who vanished while researching Ukiah’s origins.

Bitter Waters

Ukiah and his senior partner, Max Bennett, are just returning to Pittsburgh after the events of Tainted Trail. Before they even land, they have a new tracking job — to find a boy missing from his backyard. Driving straight from the airport, Ukiah and Max start another adventure, one that will involve kidnapped children, a drug-dealing biker gang, a UFO cult, a hostile federal agent, the Pack, Max’s new love Samuel Anne Killington, Ukiah’s FBI lover Indigo Zheng, his two adoptive mothers, and his infant son, Kittanning.

Dog Warrior

Seemingly abandoned as a toddler, and raised in a series of foster homes, Atticus has always known that he wasn’t human. He thought he was a freak of nature. He believed he was one of a kind, alone in the world... Boy, is he in for a surprise.