Eight Million Gods by Wen Spencer

Wen Spencer is an American science fiction and fantasy author as well as a recipient of the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer of 2003.

She is the author of the Ukiah Oregon Series, the Elfhome Series, as well as other books and stories.

Her latest book is Eight Million Gods.  Nikki is a young woman suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a powerful mother who thinks she’s dangerously insane.  To escape being involuntarily committed to a mental hospital, Nikki flees to Japan.  There she’s using her compulsion to write horror novels to good use.  With the money she makes writing, she can stay hidden.  Her fragile peace is disrupted when she’s arrested for murder.  A man has been killed with a kitchen blender, copying a character’s murder that she had posted online.

Unable to trust authorities, Nikki races to find out if she has a deadly stalker.  She starts to question her sanity as her investigation expands to include Japanese monsters, gods and goddesses.

What Nikki does know for sure is that the bodies are piling up, her mother has arrived in Japan to lock her up for the rest of her life—and her novels always end with everyone dead.

Also out in paperback is  Elfhome. This is the third installment in the Elfhome series continuing the story started in the award-winning fantasy-SF novels Tinker, and Wolf Who Rules.

Both are available on  Amazon and at your local book store.

“Wit and intelligence inform this off-beat, tongue-in-cheek fantasy…. Furious action…good characterization, playful eroticism and well-developed folklore…lift this well above the fantasy average …. Buffy fans should find a lot to like in the book’s resourceful heroine.” –Publishers Weekly on series debut Tinker

“Spencer’s intertwining of current Earth technology and otherworldly elven magic is quite ingenious.” –Booklist

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