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The following is a table of contents for posts made on my Patreon page.

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Inside Track ($2 and up)

Life As A Power (A Black Wolves Universe story)
Snippet 1
Rehash 1
Snippet 2
Snippet 3
Snippet 4
Snippet 5
Snippet 6
Snippet 7
Snippet 8

The Black Wolves of Boston Sequel — Black Ties and Tails
1: Joshua
2. Seth
3. Decker
4. Seth’s cut scene
4. Seth with Isaiah
4. Seth with Isaiah and King
4. Seth with Wolf King
5. Joshua

The Black Wolves of Boston — Misc.

Disharmony of the Spheres
Writing Discussion on Disharmony of the Spheres
Disharmony of the Spheres 1 — Old Version
Disharmony of the Spheres
Writing Discussion 2 DotS
Disharmony of the Spheres 3
Disharmony of the Spheres 4
Disharmony of the Spheres 5
Disharmony of the Spheres 6
Disharmony of the Spheres 7

Harbinger — Elfhome #5
Black Bird Singing in the Dead of Night
Team Mischief
Team Mischief (continued)
Rock A Bye Babies
Olivia meets Tinker

Elfhome — Random Crack
Oilcan meets Tinker
Esme snippet
Unused ending of TINKER
Q&A Answers
Windwolf’s siblings
Jane’s Wedding vs No Shutdown
Durrack and Briggs
What happened to Tinker’s Birthday Card
Deleted Scene: Wolf Who Rules –1
Sample of My Messy Brain — Poptart
Oilcan deleted scene
Oilcan’s condo
Deleted info from Merry
Pony Drabbles
Stormsong Drabble
Throne Scratch Drabble
More Thorne Scratch
Wedding Planner
Wraith Arrow
Stormsong Drabble
Windwolf Drabble


Why no sequel at this time
Why no sequel part 2
Corelle at card game
Corelle after card game

Team Big Sky ($5 and up)

Monsters In Our Midst (Elfhome Novella)

Team Mischief ($10 and up)

Short Stories
Moon Monkeys
Young Robots in Love
Once Upon a Toad
Away in the Manger

Wen On Writing
1. In the beginning – I learned to work
2. In the beginning – learning from failure
3. In the beginning — picking a project
4. Words of Warning — avoiding scams
5. Pre-planning a novel