May 23, 2004

Rude Awakening

I woke up this morning with Tinker tapping on the inside of my skull for attention.

“Hey, Wen, this ending you have planned – where I duel Windwolf’s ex-girlfriend? Not going to happen. It’s sooo not me. I’m the one that doesn’t resort to brute force unless completely shoved into it – remember? I’m too smart for that mano on mano bullshit.”

“What? But it would be an great exciting ending.”


“See, it would show your maturing into the elfin society.”


“There’s no way you would do this?”

“Not unless I can cheat.”


“Well, they might call it cheating, but I like to call it using my greatest weapon, my brain.”

“Okay, okay, its just you and this chick with magic and swords.”

“And I’m suppose to win this?”

“I state here that Wind magic is better at combat than Earth magic.”

“Doh, but I don’t know Wind magic yet.”

“Well, I could have it that calling certain spells is based on our old friend resonance and you created a computer program that learned the various spells and made shortcuts you could use instead of actually learning the spells.”

“Ick, no, besides, that would set up dangerous presidencies. Besides, there’s still the sword. She’s going to be waaay better than me with that. I don’t want to be on the business side of a sword point.”

“I could have her challenge you and then you get to pick the weapon.”

“And what would I pick? Hover bike at a 100 paces?”

“Hey, that might be--”


“Look, it’s 5:45 am, let me get back to you on this.”

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