April 20, 2004

Final Fantasy XI Online

At Thanksgiving I had my life eaten by an online game called Final Fantasy XI Online.

I'm calling this a review, but really, it's just a quick hi to those people that have seen me most lately.

Hi Gako -- see, I'm not lying, I'm really a sf novelist.
Hi Kombatkyle -- thanks for the horn, now if could just beat the black mandy!
Hi Nanahara -- thanks for the gil!
Hi Xele -- Our supreme leader, 13 years old going on 30
Hi Biscuitmagee -- I wish I could hear your southern accent in person
Hi Darya -- Wonder Twin Unite!
Hi Bristow -- miss you!

Wen (Cally, Ukiah, Kittanning)

Posted by wen at April 20, 2004 04:31 PM