December 05, 2003

Planting the clues -- SPOILER

Someone asked what are all the clues of the dream. Here's the ones off the top of my head. (I might have put more in that I don't remember now.)

Clues in the dream

1. The dress and ribbon that the woman is wearing is identical to that of the seer in the first book. Her other outfit is described as an "ash gray overall with mission patches" or astronaut jumpsuit.

2. The brightness of the clothes will become an important part of setting up communication with the lost colonist.

3. The males of unknown race in the woods with long noses crying "lost" are the tengu manning the first colony ships as mentioned in book one. After the oni realized that the gate didn't go to Onihida, they switched to all human crews.

4. The mention of turtles and the woods not being right refers to the fact that the colonist will be accessed through turtle creek, which in Pittsburgh, doesn't have trees.

5. Down the hole and through the looking glass is a reference to a parellell world. Also I'm going to have Tinker have strong associations with the book and her mom via a book that Lain owns that original belonged to her sister. The checkerboard pattern and the taking her hand and flying is a reference to Alice's meeting with the red queen. Even the "we have to hurry" goes back to the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

6. The oni statues goes back to that the oni had an encampment not only on Pittsburgh but on Onihida too. I've been playing with the fact that when the gate went critical, it fused several worlds together and that some of the oni merged with rock. (Only reason why I wouldn't do this is that I really don't want Tinker dealing with the fact that she killed so many oni accidentally.)

7. The void and floating is a reference to space, with the ribbon being a safety line while doing a space walk.

8. The japanese believe that some people (usually lovers) are linked with red thread tied around their fingers.

9. In book one, Riki talks about the many worlds -- Earth, Elfhome, and in his case, Onihida -- being pearls strung on the same thread.

Posted by wen at December 5, 2003 11:26 PM