June 10, 2003

My subconscious has figured out I'm a professional writer

It's taken two years, but my brain finally realized that I'm a professional writer and started to feed me writing nightmares.

Last night , I dreamed that while I was asleep, someone called and wanted to interview me. I missed the first few words the caller said, but heard "Do you have some time right now?" and I say yes.

I'm sleepy and lazy and at first just make grunting comments.

Then I wake up enough to start into a conversation waaaaaaay off base but I'm not totally awake, so I'm saying things I shouldn't, and using swear words, and mummbling and all.

And the other person is laughing and laughing and obviously having fun, and I'm not too worried. I've done lots of these interviews and they always get pared down to a synposis of a book, half a dozen quotes and stuff yanked from my web page. NO problem.

Then the caller says "Hey, we have to go to commercial, hold on the line, Wen, and we'll get back to you."

And I think....COMMERCIAL????

And after a few seconds of silence, he comes back with "Welcome back listeners, we're talking LIVE with Wen Spencer....."


Thank god it was just a dream.

But it's not the first, and certainly it's probably not the last. My brain seems to be making up for lost time with a vengence. In the last three weeks, I've had lots of nightmares relationed to the business of writing. I've been denied entrance to premiers of movies based on my books. I've had famous writers turn up to be missing relatives. I've been to the Hugos where I've won and made a fool out of myself -- and lost. I've been to book signings and conventions -- that have gone very bad. Just a few days ago, at a very twisted masked ball, I tried to keep my husband in tow long enough to find my editor who needed to leave NOW in order to introduce them for the first time (they were not impressed with each other....sigh)

I can only wonder WHY NOW???

It's been suggested that I am feeling the pressures of living the professional life. I did my first Guest of Honor at Balticon this spring. I slipped on the DOG WARRIOR deadline. We're at contract with Baen over the TINKER sequel. I'm trying to nail down convention appearances, worried about enough writing done, juggling in promotional materials, and starting to consider what lengths I should go to promote TINKER.

Yeah, perhaps that's the cause.


Posted by wen at June 10, 2003 06:25 PM

So basically a nice, easy, going out in public naked dream would be a relief right now? Okay, congradulations, you've realized you're a professional, so now you can nightmare about something else. Much more interesting than my endlessly writing on accounting sheets and turning pages all night nightmares. When you go to bed try and think about a movie or tv show you've watched and picture each scene as you try and sleep. sometimes that helps to direct your dreams. don't do it with a book of short stories tho, I tried that once and it was very distracting.

Good luck with the Tinker sequel deal I haven't read the book yet and already there's a possiblitiy of a sequel. cool...

Posted by: Ali Longacre at June 10, 2003 09:27 PM

I am pleased that you will be doing a Tinker sequel. I wonder how long we will have to wait for it.

Posted by: Peter Hull at October 12, 2003 06:29 AM