May 03, 2003

Life, or the lack of it.

Sometime in a previous life I fell behind and I haven't managed to get caught up since then.

I’m not sure how other people do it. Have a job, be a parent, keep the house clean, and still have hobbies and activities outside the house. Do these people sleep?

Bitter Waters is hitting the bookshelves as I write this and I didn’t set up any signings this time around. I’m running too close to deadline on Dog Warrior to do anything major. I do have several conventions lined up this summer starting with Balticon, where I’ll be a Guest of Honor, during Memorial Day weekend. Since at conventions I’ll see lots for SF fans than any one signing, I count on those heavily, but there is the old ‘what the bookstore ordered in during a signing, they’ll order in for the next book too.’ This is great if you think those books will sell, but I think it might be horrible if they get returned.

Rob Sawyer told me that Spider Robertson nearly killed his career by setting up like 30 book signings and leaving a trail of unsold books behind him that was all stripped and returned. OUCH!

I’m suffering from burn out. Great things are happening, I should be happy, but looming over me is this huge deadline from hell. ACK. As a result I’ve found myself getting less and less writing on the computer done. This includes blogging, posting, emailing, anything that has to typing words into the computer.

On the other hand, my housework has picked up!

It isn’t the case of not sitting down in front the computer and trying to get work done. Every morning I stick myself into the chair, fire up the computer, and decide that the dishes should be done. After the dishes, I return to the chair, look at some files, decide I need to go to bathroom and do a load a laundry while I’m in the general laundry room direction. All day, I sit down in front of the computer, only to drift off to do some kind of housework. (It has much to say about how behind I was in the housework when you realize that two weeks of this activity and its still messy.)

Today I sat down to write….and updated my web site, emailed several conventions about freebie stuff, posted, clean part of the mud room, started a load of laundry, and now doing a blog.

FOCUS!!! I need focus!

Oh well, weekends are never great for me as Don and Zachary are home. Hopefully later today I’ll be able to settle down and get some writing done. At least I’m getting caught up in all the other things I’m behind on.

Posted by wen at May 3, 2003 02:48 PM

Oh Wen, me too! Me too! I finally got the synopsis done for book 2, and classes ended for the year. I thought, great! Now to work! But I keep doing some cleaning, and the meetings and crud from school keep clinging this week. And even though I spend time in front of the computer, I can't seem to get momentum. Hey, look, I'm doing it now! Not having momentum!

By the way, went to the bookstore yesterday to get Bitter Waters and Carol Berg's new book. Not there. Have to go to Bozeman tomorrow though, so hoping I can find them there. And so I shall make you and Carol my excuse for procrastination this weekend. And then another book idea hit yesterday, which was a lovely thing, since I don't know about you, but I keep thinking, what if I run out of ideas and have no more books to write? I know, paranoid, but this is what happens.

Take care,


Posted by: Di Francis at May 8, 2003 01:29 PM