April 18, 2003

John Campbell Award Finalist

On Tuesday they let me know that I’d been nominated for the John Campbell Award for Best New SF Writer. I couldn’t tell anyone until now.

To be totally truthful I did tell my husband, and my parents, and my first readers Ann and June.

Late last night I got the official announcement that was to be released to public today:

Nominations for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer
(259 nominations for 93 new writers)
Charles Coleman Finlay (second year of eligibility)
David D. Levine (second year of eligibility)
Karin Lowachee (first year of eligibility)
Wen Spencer (second year of eligibility)
Ken Wharton (second year of eligibility)

The nominations were made by attendees and supports of the ConJose: the 2002 World SF Convention and the members/supporters of Torcon3: the 2003 World SF Convention which will take place in Toronto at the end of August.

The members/supporters of Torcon3 alone will be able to vote for award. (Information on Torcon3 can be found at http://www.torcon3.org/ )

Worldcon, for one who has never been to one, is a Thurday-Monday gathering of SF&F fans numbering in the 4000-5000 range. Many of the SF writers, editors, agents, publishers, etc are on hand to discuss a wide range of things from HOW TO WRITE to HOW TO SELL to WHAT TO READ. In the evenings, at the party hotel, special interest groups hosts parties that last well into the night. There are readings, autograph sessions, tea with the authors, an stunning art show where you can buy original artwork, a dealers room with things you often only dream of finding and more books than god, and famous people EVERYWHERE! It’s a blast if you can afford it. (If you want to go, get a hotel room NOW because they usually go fast. The price of the membership continues to climb all year, so the sooner you buy it, the cheaper it is.)

On Sunday, the John Campbell is awarded along with the Hugo Awards in a long, long, long (2-3 hour) ceremony. While the presenters are not comedians, or actors, they do often manage to be quite entertaining.

The above is all the information we’ll receive until immediately after the awards. After the awards, there will be people on hand to give out booklets that show how many nominations each finalist received and how many votes they received.

Information on the finalist can be found at http://www.sff.net/campbell-awards/

A writer becomes eligible for the award upon their first professional sale in the SF&F market over a certain number of copies. Since ALIEN TASTE was my first professional sale, last year was the first year I qualified. There are many good writers that become eligible on the sale of one short story, and struggle the next year or two while their eligibility ticks away, to get a large enough body of work to attract notice.

I was a finalist last year -- Jo Walton, who was in her second year of eligibility, won – so I know what to expect this year. I’m very proud to have been nominated.


Posted by wen at April 18, 2003 02:55 PM