April 10, 2003

In the beginning

Hi! Welcome! Come on in and don't mind the mess. I've decided to keep a blog. During the course of a day, I visit many sites and often sprinkle words of wisdom (ha!) that vanish in a few days or weeks, never to be seen again. Here, I'll have some control over things. And hopefully, this will keep people up to date with my doings.

"Well the Brazilians are gone, the vomit is cleaned up, and the hot sex
done with. I think I might take a nap."

Okay, so that needs explained. I posted that to Julie Czerneda's sff.net newsgroup after a difficult day on Tuesday. Let me reconstruct the day.

I'd been trying to bounce the scene of Atticus and Ru off friends of mine to see if it was okay. I was surprised by the following post:

Wen! Stop reading e-mail! More writing! (this post brought to you by the Editor Looking At Schedules...) Go on, back to your usual chatter...
-- Laura Anne

Laura Anne Gilman being my editor at Roc.

Naturally I respond:

Actually, the maid came a day early. I've got a house full of Brazilians
scrubbing like crazy and an sick autistic 10 year old bouncing off the walls
because there are strangers in the house. Sigh. Might as well dabble in hot gay sex while I'm not getting anything else done.

Well the story continued a short time later:

So no sooner as the Brazilians get all three upstairs full baths scrubbed
than Zachary goes does the bathroom dance for twenty minutes while they work
downstairs on the two half baths. I'm afraid to go look to see what he did
to it -- it was stunningly white. Sigh.

Well, he comes downstairs after this and VOMITS in the family room. It's
not horrible, he manages to get almost all of it in a bag...a paper
bag...that he carries through the kitchen and down the hall to my office to
show off that 'mom, i don't feel so well, I think i'm sick...blah blah blah
without using the words I THREW UP' until mom recognizes the smell...and the
fact that the paper is dripping and about to explode.

Well the Brazilians are gone, the vomit is cleaned up, and the hot sex done
with. I think I might take a nap.


That was Tuesday. I kept Zachary home Wednesday and planned to send him in today, but he woke up complaining of being sick. 'Faker' I thought, but the school district, which is normally cautious, has been doubly cautious with SAR in the air. So I kept him home. I'm feeling like vomiting, so things are not good. He seemed fairly well, but around dinner time, his temperature suddenly spiked and he was screaming from a headache. "Make it stop! Make it stop!"

I gave him some medicine, and an icebag and got him to lay down. He seems better after an hours sleep.


Less than sixty days to finish Dog Warrior. GAK! Updates on that later. I've been working in evenings and in the bathroom on a short story, a spare 2850 words, for an anthology for Baen. I finished it up today and sent it it. The title is MOON MONKEYS, a short and funny piece. I don't know the details on the anthology other than Toni is editing it. I must get details and publish it later.

I got word from Toni earlier this week that TINKER is into copyeditting. She didn't mention any changes, so I guess she was happy about it as is or I'll get the revisions at the same time as the copyedits.

Nancy Hanger emailed today that I'll have the galleys around the end of May. Wow. I'm looking forward to seeing them.


Balticon has contacted me around room, tickets, guest, and program book info. Here's what I sent them:

Raised on the Southwestern Pennsylvanian farm where her father, grandmother, and great-grandfather were born, Wen Spencer is slightly bewildered how she ended up living outside of Boston, Massachusetts. It had something to do with owning four houses in two states, an eighteen-month pause in the Berkshire Mountains to finish construction on one of said houses, and stock options. Currently her family is down to one house and resisting all offers to move them out of the country.

Wen attended the University of Pittsburgh and put that time to good use playing D&D and discovering fandom. Her first ever SF convention was Balticon, back in 1982. She’s still not sure how she graduated -- with a respectable QPA at that. She helped run the Pittsburgh-based Confluence, and at one time was the vice-president of the SF fan club, PARSEC.

Wen Spencer was a 2002 finalist for the John Campbell Award for Best New Writer. The Compton Crook winning Alien Taste was Wen Spencer’s first professional sale. It marked the start of the Ukiah Oregon Series: Alien Taste, Tainted Trail (nominated for the 2002 Romantic Times Bookclub Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best SF) and the newly released Bitter Waters. LOCUS praises Bitter Waters, saying: As usual, it all ends up an engrossing, thrill-filled adventure, full of fascinating alien – and human – weirdness. A fourth book, Dog Warrior, will be released next May by Roc, followed by a stand alone novel, A Brother’s Price. Tinker will be released in November as a hardcover by Baen. Excerpts from all her novels can be found at her web site at www.wenspencer.com.

Well, I suppose I should leave something to talk about tomorrow other being sick.

Good night!

Posted by wen at April 10, 2003 10:08 PM

Hey Wen,

Congratulations on the shiny, new blog! I've only heard good things about Movable Type. I think you'll like them. I've bookmarked your site and look forward to reading about your daily adventures.

Posted by: John Ward at April 10, 2003 10:44 PM

Hiya, Wen, one more thing to keep busy with, eh? I do not know how you do it.
Red Lion

Posted by: Ross at April 11, 2003 12:37 AM

Wow, a place all yer own to blog! Congrats, Wen!

Julie's NG may be slightly the poorer, but I can't wait to hear what you've been up to in the course of days avoiding deadline work (grin).

Just don't bring up brazilians, hot sex or, well, bring-up anymore ;-)

Posted by: John Mierau at April 11, 2003 09:08 AM

Another place to talk with you. Very nice.

Thanks Wen


Posted by: Tania at April 11, 2003 05:17 PM

Congrats Wen !!! :) Consider the blog bookmarked and I'll be back again!


Posted by: Draconis at April 11, 2003 10:52 PM

Very cool, the blog not the Brazilians, the vomit or the hot sex.

Posted by: Ossiander at April 14, 2003 04:13 PM