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To rewrite or not to rewrite -- that is the question
Baen's Bar and the Big Stick of Author Anti-Correction
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Working toward Lain - SPOILER
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Lain -- Tinker 2 -- Spoilers!
Why perfect?
Writing Tinker Two
The myth of Write What You Know
Color Coding Plots -- part two
Color Coding the plot
Writing a novel -- SPOILERS for both Tinker books
Organizing a novel
Writing A Sequel - Step One
Names in TINKER
Writing Backstory
Torcon Report
Should you write a sequel?
Five things to consider in giving a title for your novel
Advice for the natural novelist
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You finished your novel! Now what?
SG-1 7th Seaon Premiere
Copyedit stage
Poor vs Rich characters
My subconscious has figured out I'm a professional writer
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Catch Me If You Can -- A discussion
Original Ending Of Bitter Waters
Life, or the lack of it.
Things they don't tell you
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