October 27, 2004

Starting at the top

A person asked on the Forward Motion site:

When, say, writing a query to an agent, do they take an eBook publishing as a previous credential seriously, or is it looked down upon as say self publishing may be? (getting published is like sex - don't brag about it if you had to pay ) I have been thinking about trying to get a novel published as an ebook. After all, since they don't have to worry as much about production cost etc they can afford to take more chances (well, at least that is what I have been thinking). I'm not too worried about money (well, i'd like and need some,but I'm not planning on becomming a millionaire), but my dream is to one day have my writing in print.

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Posted by wen at 03:00 PM

October 26, 2004

To rewrite or not to rewrite -- that is the question

On the Forward Motion site, someone stated that having finished their first attempt at a novel, they now think their writing stinks. Should they, they ask, start over, writing it all fresh, or try to edit what is there?

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Posted by wen at 07:01 PM